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I had not come across Wikibooks before, which is a collection of textbook ‘modules’ created in the Wikipedia model. Wikibooks is one of the Wikimedia family. Naturally enough, coverage is still intermittent. I do not know what sort of momentum it has picked up. There is a skeleton – if little more – in place … Continue reading Wikibooks

Weaving commentary into Newsweek

I was interested to see Newsweek integrate blog commentary in a partnership with Technorati. Dave Sifry describes the relationship in a post: I’m proud to announce that Technorati and Newsweek are working together, including a deep integration of posts and links from bloggers (here’s an example) into Newsweek’s site. This includes the Newsweek Blog Roundup … Continue reading Weaving commentary into Newsweek

UIUC blogs

My favorite course in library school was children’s literature, taught by Pat Donlon, the former National Librarian of Ireland. Having said that, I did not come across our (current) favorite children’s author, Mairi Hederwick, until several years later when I was looking in the bookstore in Edinburgh Airport for something to bring home with me … Continue reading UIUC blogs


A couple of things of late about gender differences on the web. Researchers at the University of Glamorgan have been looking at the relative appeal of websites to men and women: “We started off by looking at the personal websites created by 60 university students, 30 male and 30 female, to discover whether there were … Continue reading Gender

OCLC Blogs

I usually don’t talk about library blogs and blogging. However, it would be strange not to note Jenny Levine’s reflective, pointed and kind comments about blogs by OCLC staff. I often think that it is a pity that the Cluetrain Manifesto is presented in such a way as to appeal to a part only of … Continue reading OCLC Blogs

The participation age

One of the interesting things about the major current web platforms – eBay, Amazon, Google, Yahoo! – is that they involve, in different ways, some element of co-creation by their users. We are also seeing an explosion in tools and services for social networking, information sharing and disclosure, and commentary. In this context, it is … Continue reading The participation age

New beta Technorati

The new Technorati, now in Beta, is a major step forward for blog search services. It pulls in data from flickr, furl, delicious. It ranks books, movies, blogs, and news stories by number of blog mentions. It highlights searches by tag (still thinking about tags). Again, what impresses about the major open web-based services is … Continue reading New beta Technorati

Reading meets social software

In an excerpt below, Nick Hornby argues that a person’s bookshelves reveal much about them, in fact, he claims, they are the ‘fullest expression of self’. Somebody else is thinking along the same lines … ConnectViaBooks is a social networking service based on reading affinities. In our experience, the books we read say a lot … Continue reading Reading meets social software

93 people want to start using the library ..

This is one of the things that is among these people’s 43 things to do. Some nice comments too, if you look at what people say about this particular goal.