The cultural and scholarly record

Publish or perish

Publish or perish is interesting looking: Publish or Perish is a software program that retrieves and analyzes academic citations. It uses Google Scholar to obtain the raw citations, then analyzes these and presents the following statistics: …. [Publish or perish] Among the statistics it generates are: Total number of papers; Total number of citations; Average … Continue reading Publish or perish


Update: my comments about the published literature below are about the library literature, a very specific set of journals and organizations. I am not trying to make any statement about the general value of the ‘published literature’ relative to blogs or other media. We have lots of places to ‘publish’ positions, views, findings, …. Consider … Continue reading Communication

Bright is the old gray

Reading Walt’s latest Cites and Insights this jumped out at me: I believe that gray literature—blogs, this ejournal, a few similar publications and some lists—represents the most compelling and worthwhile literature in the library field today. [Cites & Insights 7:9 – On the Literatyre] Gray? Gray! Blogs, reports published on the web, web journals: these … Continue reading Bright is the old gray


Alma Swan has an interesting post discussing the value added by the publisher in copy editing and concludes that it is … variable. She notes a publisher study: Wates and Campbell looked at copy editing changes carried out on a set of science, humanities and social science articles at Blackwell Publishing (as was) and reported … Continue reading References

Early stuff

Thom has a nice post pointing to the materials with the earliest dates in Worldcat. Jars. Early records. Tablets. And ….. a fragment of mummy cloth. Thom has also done a Worldcat List of the ten oldest items he found.

The texting record

I found David Crystal’s remarks about the ‘language’ of texting in Words, Words, Words refreshing, having been in a couple of conversations recently where folks were complaining about it. “Texting language is totally appropriate for its setting” he says. And goes on to note “New genres add to the expressive potential of a language”. To … Continue reading The texting record