Music: Marcus, Morrison, Mumford, and Carr

I recently read Greil Marcus’s book on Van Morrison. While I have most of the Morrison oeuvre on some form of physical medium it was useful to be able to refer to my aggregate digital collection, and to the Zune marketplace and iTunes Store as backup. I could quickly look up songs I couldn’t remember … Continue reading Music: Marcus, Morrison, Mumford, and Carr

QOTD: “the professional conservatism of professors” …

I bought the much-noticed The marketplace of ideas: reform and resistance in the American university by Louis Menand in our very congenial local Border’s this morning. I will have to stop going in there to buy the paper 😉 Thanks to Google Book Search, here is a quote from page 15. What can he mean? … Continue reading QOTD: “the professional conservatism of professors” …

QOTD: Seamus Heaney on lecturing

From Stepping Stones, a book-length collection of interviews with Seamus Heaney by Dennis O’Driscoll. The thing I should say, however, is that I am always nervous before a lecture. Even in my fifties, in Harvard, if I had a lecture, I’d be up early to try to get it squared out in my head – … Continue reading QOTD: Seamus Heaney on lecturing

QOTD: measuring web audiences

From an article in the MIT Technology Review … …. confusion about the size of web audiences is universal. No one really knows how many people visit websites. No established third-party supplier of audience measurement data is trusted. Internal Web logs exaggerate audiences. This matters to more people than investors, like McNamee, who worry that … Continue reading QOTD: measuring web audiences

“Harvesting intentionality”

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun used the phrase “harvesting intentionality” in a blog post recently. Discovering Intent Now, why is the search business so valuable? Because it’s an exceptionally efficient means of harvesting intentionality – if a consumer is searching for “flights to Cairo,” the odds are good she’s in the market for a trip … Continue reading “Harvesting intentionality”

Slowing down for a while ..

Blogging has been a little thin of late as I have been traveling and I have a couple of writing commitments which require my spare attention. The latter means that I will be posting less frequently here for a while …

Needs, wants and expertise

I came across Frank Kermode’s 1995 obituary of JB Trapp, scholar and librarian of the Warburg Institute before becoming its director, recently, while looking for something else. I have bolded some phrases which seem to me to be a quite nice statement of purpose. The library of the institute, as arranged by founder Aby Warburg, … Continue reading Needs, wants and expertise

Assisted thinking ….. and assisted reading

As we are in a period which encourages sustained reflection on direction, structure, and value it is not surprising to see an upsurge in the volume of ‘assisted thinking’ that is now available … In a US context, CLIR, Ithaka, ARL and other organizations regularly release weighty reports. And, yes, I have pointed to several … Continue reading Assisted thinking ….. and assisted reading

Holiday note 1: Ohio

An off-topic holiday note for non-US readers. The first year or two we were in Ohio we spent quite a bit of time driving around the State. This lasted only so long: our children protested about long drives. For them, a long drive is anything that involves traveling further than to the mall 😉 Before … Continue reading Holiday note 1: Ohio

A timeline

Here is what I saw at the end of the page when I did a Google search on Edmund Burke … This functionality is available in Google News. I did not see it immediately in Google Book Search, although book content is contributing to the timeline. I tried a few names, but it only comes … Continue reading A timeline