Websites: design and role

Mobile access again

My colleague Bruce Washburn sent me a note prompted by the mention here of the NCSU provision for mobile access to the library website and catalog. Bruce worked on mobile access to RedLightGreen some years ago. He also worked on the Worldcat Facebook app. He makes an interesting comparison: We implemented something similar in RedLightGreen … Continue reading Mobile access again

Mobile access

I was interested to come across the provision for mobile access at NCSU Libraries. Here is the library page. Given that one does not want a very long list, it makes for interesting decisions about what is important or of interest to mobile users. “Wolfline status’ gives access to the status of buses on campus … Continue reading Mobile access

Boxed in: a set of search boxes

Libraries have major challenges in developing their websites. Think just of the information resources they provide access to. There are locally managed resources: a catalog, a repository or two, informational pages, and so on. And there are many remote resources: licensed databases, links to web pages, and so on. And there are pages which try … Continue reading Boxed in: a set of search boxes


I think the Pageflakes grab-bag approach works better for some things than others. Anyway, here are three sites that have come over my horizon recently. My colleague Karen Smith-Yoshimura alerted us today to a page of library blogs assembled by British Library staff. I was interested to see the classification employed. There was I thinking … Continue reading Flakes