Explaining web services to your CEO

Web services are self-contained business functions that operate over the Internet. They are written to strict specifications to work together and with other similar kinds of components. Some of the more established functions at this stage are messaging, directories of business capabilities, and descriptions of technical services. But other functions are in the works as … Continue reading Explaining web services to your CEO

User studies

Brenda Dervin has an article on user studies in the most recent issue of Information Research. Brenda is working with OR on the IMLS grant. In addition, a recent extensive review of the literatures in library and information science, human computer research, and communication as it relates to information seeking and use, particularly in electronic … Continue reading User studies

Hello …

This is an experiment. One motivation is to provide a better vehicle for communicating interesting goings on than the OR mailing list. Another is to explore what is involved in maintaining a weblog.

On libraries, services and networks.