Analysing influence .. the personal reputational hamsterwheel

Analysing influence has been a central part of academic life. We are very familiar with citation analysis. This is possible because the system allows that metric to be measured and it is seen to be meaningful. As new measures have become possible in a web environment they too have been taken up. See for example … Continue reading Analysing influence .. the personal reputational hamsterwheel

Sourcing and scaling: the University of California

I was interested to see Heather Christenson describe The Hathi Trust as a collaboratively sourced web scale research library in a recent article (Hathi Trust: a research library at web scale. PDF). This reminded me of an entry I wrote a while ago about sourcing and scaling (which is referenced in the article). In a … Continue reading Sourcing and scaling: the University of California

Academic reputation enhancement … redux

Two things prompted this note …. First, there is an interesting report in the current issue of Nature on the ‘online image’ [editorial] or ‘online reputation’ [article] of researchers and what their attitude is to it and to managing it. More of this later. Second, I have recently returned from Bangkok where I participated in … Continue reading Academic reputation enhancement … redux

Elected …

I thought it would be nice to record that a couple of my colleagues had recently been elected to positions of note … Jackie Dooley, Program Officer, has been elected Vice-President/President Elect for 2011/12 of the American Society of Archivists. This is really a wonderful tribute to Jackie’s contribution over many years. Most recently, Jackie … Continue reading Elected …

Decentred network presence

We still tend to think of the website as the focus of institutional presence on the network. And, often, mobile or other presences are seen as somehow derivative. Clearly the importance of mobile – especially now with tablets and smartphones – has changed that view and changed the way we think about design and expectations. … Continue reading Decentred network presence

Lost in translation .. redux

I am at The 9th Annual Library Leadership Institute in Bangkok. This event is organized by The University of Hong Kong Libraries and brings together librarians from around Asia. It has a dual purpose: to develop and enhance management and leadership qualities and to enhance collaboration and foster relations between libraries. There are just over … Continue reading Lost in translation .. redux

Advocacy: public library as amenity and necessity

Downward pressure on the cost of public services creates issues for public libraries. A growth in advocacy is a natural response, and this in turn creates pressing questions about value, and in particular about how different stakeholders potentially perceive value differently. Who one is addressing, and with what message, has become very important. These topics … Continue reading Advocacy: public library as amenity and necessity

Lam-inating libraries … redux

The shared interests between libraries, archives and museums (LAMs) has been an important line of work for OCLC Research. It is also of course a recurring service, organizational and policy issue in many contexts. A related issue is also of considerable interest for libraries. As we move into a digital environment, library work can increasingly … Continue reading Lam-inating libraries … redux

A small note on sustainability, business models and words …

Sustainability is an important aspect of digital library initiatives. Partly because they are often funded by grant or special monies, out of the mainstream of business as usual. For this reason, it is not surprising to see how much attention the topic has received. Before coming to OCLC I worked for JISC in the UK. … Continue reading A small note on sustainability, business models and words …

Sympathy for Microsoft …

We are watching a handful of companies battle to support our work and learning lives, our communication, entertainment and social network. The good guys are no longer quite such good guys (Apple, Google?). And the CEO of Facebook can characterize Microsoft as the underdog. My title is prompted by the very fair review of the … Continue reading Sympathy for Microsoft …

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